Preparing for The Kenobi Crossing

We’re almost there now, only days left until the big passage from Galapagos to Marquesas in French Polynesia. The distance is 3000 nautical miles and it is one of the longest crossings in the world and certainly the biggest any one of us have ever made. Galapagos has been great but now we are really looking forward to ocean sailing again! Fresh fish (we hope), rice, beans, the occasional beer, sunshine, dolphins, surfing down long ocean waves, good stuff. We think it will take about three weeks, plenty of time to settle into our ocean routine with three hour shifts and lunch/dinner duty.

A not so pleasant aspect of our crossing is no autopilot. When I crossed the Atlantic four years ago we didn’t have one and I swore next time I will have a proper one. But then came the lightning. It’s broken and getting a new one here takes a month, too long to wait. At least there are four of us to share the burden of constantly having a hand or foot on the steering wheel and an eye on the compass.

Looks like winds are weak here around Galapagos but better a couple days south west so most likely we will have to motor a bit in the beginning. Right now it looks like the winds down there are going to be around 10-20 knots easterly all the way, let’s hope it stays that way. Will probably be some days with flogging sails and maybe no wind, it will test our patience. Maybe we’ll try out the gennaker if the seas are calm enough. The moon is at about 30% now so hopefully we’ll have light nights most of the trip, always nice.

Solid trade winds.

We did a proper inventory of our supplies the other day to see what we got. We bought so much food and drinks in Martinique, Cartagena and Panama that it feels never-ending but we found some things are already running out. Most essential - coffee! Will have to buy lots more here. Galapagos is expensive, at least double price as other places. Tahiti is next stock-up place and that is supposed to be even worse so just got to suck it up. At least we have plenty of rum, 34 liters feels ridiculously much but we are four guys who enjoy rum so we’ll see. 250 beers could go quite fast, heard a can in Marquesas is $4-5 so will have to ration them a bit.

Want a drink? Come over to Kenobi!
The Booby Trap restaurant has the best WIFI in town. Friendly owner Jim lets us sit here before it opens up in the morning. Mornings have faster speed here in Galapagos, at 7 am you get up to 50kb/s!

We will let you know how it goes along the way, the plan is to send messages every few days to Olek who will then update a blog post for us. We won’t be able to read any comments since we can only do email with the satellite phone. We’ve heard there’s an Internet connection at the post office in Hiva-Oa so hopefully we get to read them there.

If anyone is interested, here are some of the main items of our stock:

  • Fresh water - 800 liters. Filled both tanks with the water maker before departure. Will continue keeping them topped up during the trip. In case of complete water tank/water maker breakdown we count on the beer supply to keep us alive
  • Beans and lentils (dried) - 23 kg
  • Seeds for sprouting + chia - 5 kg
  • Nuts - 5 kg
  • Pasta - 14 kg
  • Noodles - 5 kg
  • Rice - 31 kg
  • Canned tomatoes - 12 kg
  • Oats for porridge - 20 kg
  • Canned vegetables - 12 kg
  • German pumpernickel bread - 8 kg
  • Canned tuna - 10 cans
  • Instant noodles - 17 packs
  • Potato and yucca (loving yucca atm) - 15 kg
  • Onions - 60
  • Tomatoes - 30
  • Pumpkins - 3
  • Bananas - 300
  • Plantine - 50
  • Oranges - 80
  • Mandarins - 60
  • Lemon/Lime - 60
  • Papaya - 10
  • Pineapple - 10
  • Passionfruit - 80
  • Spices (dried herbs) - 1 kg
  • Chicken stock cubes - 180 pc
  • Hot sauces, mayo etc - 6 l
  • Soy sauce - 8 l
  • Shampoo and soap - 15 l
  • Toothpaste - 10 tubes
  • Washing liquid - 3 l
  • Toilet- and kitchen paper - 44 rolls
  • Trash bags - 84 pc
  • Tea - 200 bags
  • Coffee - 13,5 kg
  • Milk and milk powder - 19 l
  • Energy bars - 70 pc
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