The Crew

The Crew


Fly fisherman from Stockholm who learnt to sail during a trip from Ängelholm, Sweden to the Caribbean in 2012-2013. That time on board a 27ft Albin Vega called Odessa (that story can be found at Lukas is captain on board Kenobi. Loves all types of fishing, cooking, sailing and geeky stuff such as programming. Will be both writing and programming for the blog.


Also known as “humps”.

Knows a bit too much about milk and cheese (check out LinkedIn for confirmation). Left behind his desk job as a food buyer in Stockholm for this adventure.

Not exactly the adrenaline junkie of the bunch, afraid of heights and bugs, but loves speed and is looking forward to all kinds of water sports like sailing (of course), surfing and kitesurfing.


The handyman of the boat with an indispensable reserve of tools and know-how. Has a passion for photography and electronic music. New found fishing interest. The oldest and wisest man on the boat, we call him "Don Simon".


Strong swimmer and diver who brought along Speedos for the trip. Always laid back and likes to chill. Tech-savvy, has Wikipedia downloaded in his computer. Hacks the blog and takes lots pictures for it.

Captains' note on the crew

"We rented a boat together in Stockholm in the summer of 2015 and sailed around the archipelago a bit, me being the mutual friend of all. On the way home the idea came that it was time for a longer trip. It started as a playful discussion but got more serious quickly after the trip. We all got the feeling we need to do this trip now if it’s ever going to happen. After my last trip on the small 27ft Odessa I felt a crew of four on a bit bigger yacht would be ideal. Amazingly we all were able to get off work for a year I feel very fortunate to go on this trip with three good friends." - Le Marin 1/3-16